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Friday, September 15, 2006

AWA, and chill out with golf!

Yesterday was such a wet and windy day with the rain hammering down on us and the drops bouncing off the ground like little marbles...and today, man, what a difference a day makes! It was so sunny this morning I felt guilty not being out running...

At the end of the lectures today, a few of us got together and went out for a game of golf - I know I am no pro but I also found out today that I am no amateur either! :-) Perhaps, I should just blame the course! Anyway, it was nice to be out in the open breathing fresh air and basking in glorious sunshine (just look at the pictures below). It was a good relationship building exercise and perhaps, if I do an MBA, I will perfect the skill! :-)

In the meantime, I have got my official GMAT score and I am pleased with my Analytical Writing Assessment score. I am not sure if the schools I picked look into this score but as long as it is not too low, I guess one is fine.

Another piece of news; our son, who I mentioned in my first post has started walking in the last week or so. But, he is in France so we won't see him until later next week. Can't wait! I am hoping he will be running around in Paris next year! :-)


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