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Friday, April 20, 2007

Back from Londres, sans hiccup!

I am back from London and that TdS card that I had to fight for on Tuesday really did come in handy. I had a good long discussion with my new bosses exploring potential projects and, having signed a confidentiality agreement recently, I was also told of some cool new projects in the brew - I can't wait to be involved in some of them, honestly! We still have not decided whether I should be based in or around London or go straight to California for the summer. It also looks like I will be traveling to Geneva for a few days before the summer to attend a brainstorming session. All in all, it was a very worthwhile trip and on the way out, I even had the charming company of an INSEAD alumnus who was taking her daughter to see her grandparents in England and she offered some interesting advice on managing one's career and family.

The trip also gave me an opportunity to catch up with a few of my former colleagues and my former boss - they were in London attending a business conference so I went to see them for a drink-cum-chat at the conference hotel. Interestingly, this was a conference that I was helping to organise before I left the company for my MBA studies. In a way, I am pleased that I have not burnt any bridges with my previous company while I continue to forge a stronger link with the new company. After seeing my ex-colleagues, I went over to the Barbican Centre where a couple of my friends were waiting for me to watch a show together. It was a good show and we really enjoyed it but we felt that the subtitling of the acts could have been done a bit better (as the linked article suggests, this has already been given a lot of thought). Following a few delays when Jane, the GPS guide, decided to mislead us on a few occasions, we hit China town just after midnight for dinner...

Next week, we start Core 2 and the first week is all about leadership before we start courses in business economics, management accounting, organisational behaviour, etc. in the following weeks. As for next week, we were given a thick handout, a business case, to read and prepare our answers for Monday. So, as you can see, there is no such thing as a proper break during an MBA; we have homework even during a rest period!


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