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Saturday, March 17, 2007

A idea and a plan

Not that exams are that difficult but we generally have so many things to do simultaneously that our schedules have been packed for a while. Therefore, we never had the chance to go out to Paris and have a relaxing day. But, today, we took the opportunity and ventured out! :-) We started at Jardin Luxembourg followed by a break for lunch before heading to Eiffel Tower. Lunch was my treat as my contract with the company in London has finally been finalised and I have an internship this summer, an Individual Professional Project for Jan to May 2008, and a job once I finish my MBA. As for where I will be based, I am not sure though London is the most likely location, or may be Califronia. :-) Also, with an IPP and job finalised with the same company, I am going to be at HEC for only 10 months, 10 really exciting months to finish an MBA!

Last week, I spent a lot of time writing a business model for the Jungle Business Plan Challenge but eventually gave up. All the past winners were hi-tech projects and my plan is more of a social entrepreneurship model - though not exactly targeting C. K. Prahalad's 'Bottom of the Pyramid'. I had two business models and, even if I did not take part in the competition, I have decided to use what I learnt to go ahead with an import-export business I had in mind. I can't tell you how far I will go but I have had it on my mind for a very long time and I ought to give it a go...lest I regret not having done it in years to come. So, I am seeking help from my friends, who share the same vision, to start this. We will see what happens and time will tell if I really can pull this off. Note: In the meantime, someone sent a link to the video below. The speaker is Guy Kawasaki, a california based VC and former employee of Apple, and the message is quite appropriate for me!

As for next week, we have our final marketing exam on Wednesday and we are also going to meet the managaing director of the company for which we are doing a marketing project (as part of our course). All in all, a fun week.

Below are some pictures of Paris:

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