At HEC Paris, mvlti svnt vocati, pavci vero electi!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bill Gates at HEC Paris

Mr Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft Corp., was at HEC today to participate in a conference and was also honoured with the title of "HEC d'Honneur". So, in a way, he is an HEC Paris alumnus now - or so we would like to claim! So would HBS... :-) He he he... It was great to see this greatest entrepreneur of our times. But, I had to wait for more than an hour at the gate to enter the auditorium and, that too, after much pleading and debating with the security guards. It was all worth it though! :-)

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  • Hey there,

    Bill Gates was great. But IMHO the questioning was juvenile. And the biography was downright sarcastic.

    For those who wanna have a look, goto

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:24 am  

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