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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Recap of the first couple of weeks...

This week is business simulation week and we are playing a game called 'NegoSim' which I believe stands for Negotiation Simulation. We have to work in small groups and there is a lot of energy and excitement in each group at the prospect of running a business! My group is pretty dynamic and comprises of a Chilean, a French Canadian, a Chinese, a French and moi! :-) I also have a study group and that one is also very diverse with a Morrocan, Israeli, French, Nepali, and an Indian all thrown into one. As you can see, the groups are very international and we are learning quite a bit from each other. And, we are learning not just about finance and accountancy but also about each other's culture and sense of humor. We had a class the other day on communication skills (taught brilliantly by the Associate Dean) and, upon being advised by the class to not give a presentation with his left hand is his pocket, our Latin American friend responded immediately by saying that's where he kept his money! We could not help but laugh and clap in appreciation of his humor. This is what I like about our program - diverse, fun, dynamic, and smart! Now, I better go and have a look at the results of my group's business simulation as we seem to have gone from very profitable to terribly in the red following a few radical moves! Au revoir!

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