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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A bit about Jouy!

So, Jouy is about 12 miles from central Paris and you need to take the train (or a taxi if the MBA fees have not drained your resources) to get here from Paris. From CDG Airport, take RER B up to Massy and then RER C going towards Versailles and get off when you see the tiny two-platform station of Jouy en Josas. Come out of the station and you will face the local day care centre. Follow the footpath on the right and you will hit town centre. Don't expect to see too much; Jouy is a small town with a few shops, a few restaurants, and that's about it. While you are at the train station, it is worth noting that there is a supermarket if you walk about 100 metres to the left. If you are arriving late, my recommendation would be to take a taxi. When I came for my interviews, I got here very late and there were no taxis at the station, which meant I had to walk towards the centre, cross the railway track and then go up the hill to enter HEC campus via the back door, courtesy of two Chinese exchange students from Hong Kong. Furthermore, if you are arriving late by train and you see what looks like a student crowd on the train, it is worth enquiring as they could assist you. Returning to the supermarche bit, I went grocery shopping with my son today. I was fine until it got to the check out point - I had forgotten to weigh and tag the fruits and vegetables. I had to 'abandon' the little boy with the lady at the counter to run back and get the tags. So, remember to get the tags as it ain't England! :-)

After moving in, we realised that our house did not have a shower and the landlord is pretty finicky about not putting nails in the walls so I got thinking and improvised. Having renovated a house back in England, I knew the easiest solution could be found at a local DIY store, if only I knew where it was. A quick flip through the local Page Jeune and I found out that there was a Castorama in the shopping centre in nearby Velizy. So, I burned a CD with some of my favorite songs (BTW, I don't do this before every trip!), loaded my son in his seat at the back of the car and off we went. Here's another point to make - it is a lot easier in this part of the world if you have a car. But, if you don't have a car, it is not the end of the world as, with some advanced planning, public transport can be put to very good use.

It is now that time in the evening when the boy wants his dinner and since mum's not back from her first day at work, I better go and give him some food and get him ready for bed. :-) Go here to read more about Jouy. And, I will create an album soon, I promise. :-)



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