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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bkker and Swiftlabel

One of the things I wanted to mention from my trip to Bangkok was this really cool shop that I found during my endless walkabouts. The shop is called Bkker and it sells high quality t-shirts with unique messages, messages that stand out. I bought one, but with a more moderate message, and the idea of a shop selling customised t-shirts, though not really new, reminded me of a blog I had been reading. The blog is by an alumnus of HEC Paris who has just started a company called Swiftlabel. Both are good ideas and appear to be reasonably similar in concept though, if Swiftlabel can give you the right 'cut', it may be a more personalised service. Both even link to the same site; American Apparel! Check out the sites to find out more...Bkker's website also plays some cool music.

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