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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The ever changing plans...

So, I was on the train to the city yesterday evening to meet folks from NYU Stern about the dual-MBA program with HEC Paris when my wife called to say she has been offered a job by an American pharmaceutical company based in Paris. Really chuffed about it! This makes me wonder if I should continue thinking about the dual-MBA course, or should I just focus on HEC and enjoy Paris, may be, with an exchange program with an American school...but, things are moving so fast these days that we have a new plan almost everyday.

Regarding the Stern presentation, I really enjoyed it. The alumni are great and the school will really suit me. I like their team spirit and their very "down to earth" approach even though they are all high-flying professionals. If not HEC Paris, I would have liked to go there...well, I can still do both! :-)

Came across two articles recently about office jargons, and how workers are striking back. You have got to love these so read on...

Just jumping back to the student profile of NYU Stern, we were told that the student population consisted of 38% international students but I am beginning to wonder if the American demographic profile is by itself so diverse that even though many of the students may be classed as Americans, their parents are of different national origins, which helps to add to the cultural diversity of the schools...some food for thought eh?


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