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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thailand or no Thailand???

Southeast Asia is one place I have not explored much and I am thinking of paying Thailand a visit before I start my MBA at HEC Paris. Once the course has started, I will have to put a curfew on my travels and stay put for a while, studying for the all too glamorous MBA! So, I am thinking that I will take a break now and visit Thailand while I am in India (oh yes!). A friend who lives in Bangkok has kindly offered me his apartment while he is away, and I have a cousin who is stationed in Chiang Mai (how lucky is that!) so this seems like the perfect opportunity. But then, I have to think about the house sale...not a good idea to leave it all to mon ├ępouse. Let's hope it all gets sorted soon and I can then book my last-minute tickets!

In the meantime, following a discussion on foams, I have been searching for a video I had seen a while ago. It is about these two guys making a theatrical show out of Coke and Mentos. So, did a search and found the video below. As it says on their site, it is "entertainment for the curious mind". Are you? :-)

Sorry, this video is from YouTube...the original one was just too slow.


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