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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An evening at Buckingham Palace!

I have just returned after attending the aforementioned reception at Buckingham Palace but I still have not been able to track down who recommended my name. Well, I am not complaining - it was awesome inside the palace! And, I got to see the Queen in real life from about a metre, and even got a chance to speak to the Duke of Edinburgh. It was a bit difficult to speak to the Queen as Her Majesty was being shepherded around to meet key exhibitors and high flyers (guess my turn will come someday! :-)). Nonetheless, it was a wonderful evening and a wonderful experience. It was a reception full of some really prominent personalities...Prof. Pillinger (of the Beagle 2 Marslander project), Stephen Hawking (the Cambridge Physicist), Lord Browne (of BP to whom I also spoke briefly), and moi! Yes, me! :-) Just kidding...I probably got the invite by mistake. The reception was followed by a sumptuous dinner hosted by the Royal Society for a select few, where I got introduced to a few more heads of this and that - this and that being some of the top organisations in the UK. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to show you some pictures, we were not allowed to take any inside so all I have to show for my reception at Buckingham Palace are the pictures below (which any tourist could take too!). Well, well, we can't have everything in life! :-)

Buckingham Palace is now lighted using energy efficient LEDs which were turned on for the first time on the evening of our reception.



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