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Friday, October 20, 2006

All's clear!

Yupe, that's right! I am all set. I have my documents ready for the long trip across the Channel. I have also handed in my notice at work, and, bless, my manager has already scheduled my farewell lunch! :-) 17th November is the key date...that's when I leave work; a place with a lot of memories...memories that I will treasure forever. A place that made me grow up and taught me a whole bunch of things. I was in London last night and returned early today so I took my son to work for him to see where daddy works. He loved it and did a Kennedy Jnr style pose under my desk, and tried to take over my Inbox for a moment!

While I have been busy preparing for my cross-Channel experience, the other half has also been keeping busy searching for positions in Paris...and there is one potential prospect. Nothing is confirmed and I will tell you mroe as things progress.

Finally, NYU Stern School of Business, the school I chose as a potential interest for a dual-MBA program is visiting London in November. So, I shall be paying them a visit to find out more.

That's it for now...bonne weekend!


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