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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

As friendly as it can least so far!

Few days gone since I was offered admission at HEC Paris. I have confirmed my admission by paying the initial deposit - couldn't have been easier to make up my mind, HEC Paris being my only school of choice. I have also been sorting out my visa documents and I am really pleased by how friendly and helpful HEC Paris staff members are. The other day, I needed a document urgently so I sent an email early morning and, before I knew it, they had already acted on it and faxed the letter by mid-morning! And, as is the procedure, I have been assigned a buddy. He is, interestingly, based at the NYU Stern School of Business and, in his intro, sent me this very detailed email with more info than I could have asked. Now, that's what I call a great cooperative movement! :-) Way to go HEC!

I can tell the time ahead in Paris is going to be fun!

Word has begun to slowly filter out at work that I am on my way out...some are surprised, some happy and pleased, and, for some, a thing coming, but all have wished me well! I really do love my job but an MBA is what I want. My mum and dad, who were initially surprised that I was interested in going back to school after having spent so many years at university, have now given me their full support. I think I am ready...ready to take on new challenges. The time has come.


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