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Saturday, September 30, 2006

T-2 Days; the excitement, the nervousness, the confidence!

So, just got two more days to go before my interviews in Paris. I am pretty confident that I can give a didactic presentation on the day, and I sure that I can handle all the usual 'why MBA now?', 'why our school?', 'what after the MBA?', 'how will you contribute to the school?', and other questions of a similar trait and yet, I find that there is a certain rumble in my stomach as I mentally picture the interviews. A certain level of nervous energy drives me well but I just hope it stays this way on the day! And, nothing more! :-) Perhaps, it is the realisation that what I have been eating, drinking and dreaming of for the last few months is finally coming to an end, and it depends solely on me to perform well to jump this one last hurdle. Perhaps, it is the thought of picking up everything from scratch and starting all over again if this does not work out (shhhh...can't harbour -ve thoughts in my head). I can feel that change is on its way but what way?

If you are in a similar position, it may help to listen to 'Acing the MBA Interview' Podcast and read the accompanying notes. Good luck!


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