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Monday, December 25, 2006

X-mas, Tacit Knowledge, and East and West Management Styles

So, here we are, it is Christmas Day finally! And, I bet you are wondering what I am doing, of all the things that I could be doing today, blogging! In which case I suggest that you read this funny article on the BBC's website. But, I am in France where people open their gifts in the morning, thank Père Noel, and then get ready for a day-long feast, which I am currently awaiting. Of course, it won't be the first feast. We went out to a restaurant yesterday and had a delicious long lunch...I also learnt a few tips on serving wine the French way. And then, back home and drowsily surfing the net, I found this article discussing a new book entitled 'A history of politeness in France'. I can tell what you are thinking! :-)

Activities relating to HEC Paris have started; I had an email the other day regarding a Tacit Knowledge test, a test that checks your general management skills. It got me thinking as to the differences between Eastern and Western styles of managing and so I did what I always do on such occasions, googled. Which brought me to a very interesting article on 'Cultural Convergence: Western Me Eastern We' by Donald Cyr. He touches upon a point that I discussed earlier about Emotional Intelligence - understanding others as well as being aware of oneself. To manage others, I have learnt, one has to be able to manage oneself and be willing to learn and grow. To end, I quote the last paragraph of the linked article: "Americans negotiate contracts, while Asians negotiate relationships. In the West we look at systems for mechanical answers. Systems offer direction but not answers, they offer discipline but not commitment, they offer focus but not participation. In balance, both offer advantages. Like logic and intuition, Western individualism and Eastern harmony are complementary to each other." Now, I better go get ready for our Christmas feast! :-) Merry Christmas!


  • Merry Christmas to you also! Hope you don't mind. I'm also applying for HEC, for fall 07', thus I've linked you to my blog.

    By Blogger -tvu, at 9:49 am  

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