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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bonjour de France!!!

Salut tout le monde! I have arrived in France...well, been here for a few days now and we will be celebrating this festive season here. Unlike past years, it is not very cold nor is there any sign of snow. Having said that, things can change overnight and, if it does snow, I will upload a photo for you. We have also bought a car to use in Paris - can't believe we had to sell two cars in the UK to buy one car in France! I know there are a lot of factors involved but, generally, cars appear to depreciate faster in England than here. It probably is a numbers game - more cars, less value in England.

We are leaving for Paris on New Year's eve and hope to take our son along with us too. And, I intend to take him for a walk to HEC Paris to show him where daddy is going to study. :-) But, before he can move permanently to Paris, we need to sort out a creche for him...which we are told is not easy as parents need to book well in advance with nannies, not nurseries, to get a place. We shall find out, I guess. He has just woken up so excuse me but I better go and play with him. Au revoir for now.


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