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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A mid-week update!

What an exciting start it has been! Over 60 students from more than 20 countries with a million name combinations and over a thousand years of combined experience! What a bunch - a truly international and friendly bunch! And, what has the week been like? Well, time flew over the last couple of days and I have been trying hard to remember the names of my new friends by associating them with things I easily remember...but when you are trying to remember names from a community as diverse as the HEC one, trust me it is not easy. We have students from all over the world and then there are those who may belong to one country, but has traveled and lived in multiple countries so much so that they know those countries just as well as the natives.

So far, we have had an ice-breaking session, a national show, information sessions on the things one would need to study in France, on HEC Paris, on how wonderful we are and on what a great bunch this class of 2008 is! :-) May be, not exactly like this but, occasionally, I like telling the world we are good! He he he...

We are also having a few introductory classes/tests this week in Accountancy, Maths, French, etc. to orient (remember this is Orientation Week) us towards the HEC MBA. Insurance companies and banks have also been around to sell us their services and I expect to see the school clubs soon though I am still wondering which all to join.

I hope to have a wonderful time ahead.



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