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Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Ball Has Started Rolling - A New Beginning!

I call this a new beginning as it all first began when I decided to go for an MBA. But, the real thing - the courses, the learning, the networking, the job hunting - starts next week. Friday, I went to HEC to have a look around and also to collect my welcome pack. I also took my son along and we were shown around campus by a friendly French American, currently on a Master's program at HEC, who I had met the previous day. I now have my email id and also know exactly what to expect in the next couple of weeks. The first week, i.e. next week, being orientation week, seems fairly light with the week being used for sessions on cultural integration, cost discussions, French tests, a presentation of the MBA curriculum, etc. Interestingly, surfing the FT's website today, I came across an article on the launch of the revamped HEC MBA curriculum. The article can be found here and let's hope we all benefit from this revamping and that this will strengthen HEC Paris's position on the global MBA ladder. Also, opening my inbox for the first time, I found a few ads for internships at a very reputable firm in London, "an innovator in global finance".

Real classes start on the 15th and seem to stretch between 8:30 am and 7:30 pm depending on what's happening - with homework and a few rounds of socialising drinks added to this, I guess daily routine will end early, I mean early the next day! :-) Finally, the weekend of the 19th is Intergration Weekend and I am eager to find out what it involves. It all sounds like great fun for now until, I guess, I am snowed under with course work.

Au revoir pour maintenant.

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