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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Integration weekend, Carte de Sejour, and a weekend trip to England!

It is amazing how much of a weight has been lifted off my shoulders since I found out that I do not have to look around for an internship/IPP position anymore. I am very lucky to be where I am today and I hope good luck sieves through the class. And, thank you to those who have congratulated and wished me well. I really appreciate it!

Last weekend was the HEC Paris Integration Weekend when most of my batchmates went to ski in the Alps. I believe they had good fun and I still need to catch up on the gossips. Unfortunately, I didn't go skiing. We hired a van and drove to our house in England to bring back the rest of our things (the van we had hired the first time around turned out to be quite small) and drove for over 1500km between Friday and Sunday. A lot of driving but we at least have all our things - mostly our son's toys - in the basement here in Jouy en Josas now. BTW, we have also found a nanny for him so he will be coming to live with us soon which is GREAT!!! :-)

On Monday, a friend and I went to the Prefecture at Versailles to apply for our Carte de Sejours since we had no classes - remember most of the class were still skiing! :-) We also bumped into a few Chinese friends from our class - a good way to share the experience. But, the day didn't go very well and was not as productive as one would have liked it to be. My case is slightly different as I have a French wife but, for the others, the absence of a notarised/verified French translation of their birth certificates caused havoc and they were asked to return later, i.e. take another day out of your busy MBA schedule! And then, there's the medical examination to go through once they have accepted your application. I have mine next week...would it help if I went out running a few times this week? :-) So, if you are coming to study in France, take no chances and come prepared. Get your documents translated to French. And, another piece of advice, apply for your Carte de Sejour before the three-month student visa issued to you expires. At the end of the day - a long one with no lunch - we decided to go to a brasserie and eat something before driving back to Jouy. It did lighten the mood!



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