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Saturday, January 27, 2007

A bit about HEC Lectures...

The weeks have gone by very fast and I am visiting my son this weekend. The boy has grown rapidly and, just like his dad, cannot stop smiling! :-)

After all the initial integration bits and the NegoSim simulation game, things are heating up. We have had our first week of intensive lectures and, now, I have assignments to complete. They have been shelved for the moment as I prefer the time with my son (and you are wondering what I am doing blogging!) but if I really want that prime ticket to Davos after my MBA, I better get cracking!

The lectures this week were on Financial Accounting, Financial Markets, Statistics, Strategic Management, Marketing and, bien sur, Francais! I am not going to bore you with details of the contents but what I enjoy about the classes most is the energy of the lecturers. I hate it when lecturers know a lot but cannot pass them on to the students...and, so far, I have not seen that. The classes are very interactive and, more often than not, we are asked to work in small groups so learning is fun! At least, until now! :-) We are all supposed to work on a Marketing Project in Core 2 which is in the Spring and I already have an idea - I think I might focus it on a social networking site, a very popular one, that was recently launched in France. Can't give too much away now but, if you are reading this blog and belong to the Web 2 generation, you know what I mean.

The CEO of Cacharel also came in to talk about her career experience and how she has risen through the ranks since leaving HEC Paris. It was only last week that we had the chairman of Eircom (formerly a senior adviser to JP Morgan), another HEC alumnus, who gave us a very informative session on balancing work (a very succesful one in his case) with family life. Talking about former students, we also had representatives from the 32000 strong HEC Alumni Association come in yesterday. I am yet to make up my mind on whether to join now or when I really am an alumnus! :-) What I have signed up for though is Net Impact, a group that promotes Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.


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