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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NPISim or is it also called LegoSim?

On Monday, we played a game called NPISim which is played in groups of four or five with individuals assigned certain tasks. I was a project manager in round one and an observer (as I had worked so hard as a project manager or so the prof said!) in round two. The idea was to simulate a project aimed at making a new product (in our case, a flying object - not telling you more) whilst continuing the production of the traditional product, i.e. a lego vehicle. My role as project manager was to ensure that we functioned efficiently and made the new product on time and without loss. We came a close second as we forgot to put the engine! Surprising though that our customer approved the prototype. :-)

As for today and tomorrow, we have Steve Knight, a broadcaster from England teaching us presentation skills via the use of video and audio recording tools (yupe, it includes our iPods). We had to do one-minute presentation each this morning on which we got critical feedbacks and my group (this time including a French, American, Argentinian, and Chinese) has a 15 min presentation to do tomorrow.

Furthermore, now that exams are over and holidays are here, I seem to have caught a viral fever of some sort. Just what I needed before going to Barcelona on Thursday. As promised a long time ago, I have started a slide show of HEC Paris pictures and I will continue to upload more pictures as I get the time to take more of them.

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