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Friday, May 04, 2007

Core II has come with a bang!

My fellow bloggers and visitors, I am back! Last weekend we had a severe thunderstorm here in Jouy en Josas and lighting fried the Wanadoo Livebox that we have. That is why I have not been blogging. That and the fact that my son has not been very well and I decided to spend more time with him. Apart from the one evening when we had the fiery fist of God hit us in multiple bolts and volts, the weather has generally been very good and we have been trying to make the best use of it. We took our son to the Jardin d'Acclimatisation in Boulogne where he had a chance to see the goats, cows, birds {caged - :-(}, and be naughty! Interestingly, there was also an exhibition on 'Incredible India' so we watched a few of the shows too.

May is a very relaxed month here in France...Tuesday was a holiday for Labour Day and next Tuesday is also a holiday. So, long weekends interrupted by a working Monday is the norm right now. We also went for a long walk in the countryside near Jouy to give the boy a chance to get some fresh air but he got so excited that he was running all over the footpath until he fell and ended up with a nose bleed! The first of many to come, I guess, but not a pleasurable sight to see...not when he has blood all over his t-shirt and my t-shirt.

Coming back to the course, after last week's venture with various leaders of our time, Core II classes have started. And, with no offense to ourCore I professors who were fantastic (apart from a few), it appears as if the HEC MBA has shifted into a higher gear with great ease! Our Corporate Finance professor is a part-time faculty member and he is aprt-time because because he runs an accounting/auditing firm in France and another company in Geneva, where he is based. What was surprising was when he slowly mentioned that his company in Geneva deals with investors from the Middle East (immediately in my mind sprung turban-clad, robe-wearing, and cash-rich Arab men from oil-rich states - I know they are not all like this but, then again, this is what Hollywood does to us) and whose money he helps to invest in Asia. Anyway, here is a professor who is in the middle of things that are unfolding today, and an expert on Islamic (Sharia) banking laws. And, our Business Economics professor is a mechanical engineer who worked in the former USSR, and has an MBA and PhD in business management from Berkeley. He taught there for a while, then came back to France, and helped found an investment bank, and then a merchant bank, before settling in at HEC to be a professor. As for the Management Accounting professor, he is a young Austrian PhD who seems quite smart and hardworking, probably trying to open his own niche area of research. So, I am very pleased with the level of education we are getting and I am ready to move up a gear or two myself! :-)


I have also been visiting the local golf driving range in St Aubin to practice hitting shots and am hoping to go play football in the next few minutes, just for fun! Ain't Spring fun, bright, and cheerful and isn't the air all around full of optimism and hope?! Nice way to belle vie!

The walk to Vauboyen

Jardin D'Acclimatisation

Footpath I take to HEC Paris - bet other MBA schools don't have such a green path to class! ;-)



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