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Monday, May 14, 2007

Ubuntu, No Ubuntu

Just as I was getting a hang of this wonderful new Linux Operating System, the wireless system failed and it took hours to fix, only to fail again. That's when persistence, uncomplimented by reward, gave way to frustation and I eventually ended up moving back to Windows! But, I can now say I know something about Linux and the other world of 'geeks'.

So, what have I been up to in recent days? Apart from continuing to enjoy Core II but, mind you, there are a 'frillion' chapters to read, I have also been invited back to London next week for another round of discussions with my sponsoring company. This one will be more focused on what I am going to do this summer as, now, we are pretty sure I will be based in the UK. Berkeley, California, would have been great but the set-up there is a bit too new for me to make any noticeable contribution and will not get much opportunity to learn about the company in two months. I will also be heading to Switzerland for a brainstorming session. The hotel, overlooking Lake Geneva, would be quite a relaxing (really!) change so I must say I am looking forward to it.

Yesterday, we went to explore a national park just south-east of here. Enjoy the slideshow from the visit. Coordination for MBAT, at least for moi, is also picking up as the event is only a few days away and we are heading back to Cap 15 in Paris this evening to discuss 'crowd' logistics for the big party.

Below is a picture from the BOOM party we had last Friday.


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