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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finally at 'home' in England!

Phew! Since the start of February, I spent so few days at home that I am enjoying being able to stay here for a weekend and take on the mundane but essential household things. My project is going on well and I am entering into the third phase. I would love to see the implementation of my ideas as that would be the best test of the strategy. However, I am not sure if I am going to be around for long enough! I am saving up all of my holidays to leave early in May so that I can be back home, in Paris, in time for the arrival of the second one! Exciting, perhaps sleepless, days ahead! :-)

I have also been exploring a lot for job opportunities within the company. Some are just general discussoions seeking guidance, directions and contacts while others are a bit more firm. Like the interview I had the other day. I was glad to be even invited as I do not have any experience, or background, in the subject but I was able to convince the hiring manager to give me a chance atleast at an assessment/interview stage. And, so they did. My performance was not bad but good or poor performance is a relative matter in such a setting. Let's is a role at Canary Wharf in London but I could potentially be based in Paris after the first few months of onboarding. Now, that would be exciting! :-) I want a successful career but with a good balance between work and family which, I must admit, is not always easy.

Days are getting longer and there is now light when I go to catch the bus in the morning and on my way back from work. I am no longer part of the silhouette of the foliage and trees around the bus stop giving the bus driver no excuses for not spotting me waving my hand! :-) I am back in Paris on Wednesday for the third round of IPP lectures, this time on positive economy. I will write more when I have attended the lectures. We have also got the Easter weekend coming up so I can stay in France a day longer which is GREAT!

Have a good day and see you around!


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