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Thursday, November 15, 2007

A special post!

It has been fifteen months since dawn and I am quite pleased that I have come this far. This is a special post! This is my hundredth post! When I first started writing, I was not sure if I could continue blogging during the busy periods of the MBA course but I was sure that I would try my best. I wanted my blog to be a log of my personal journey through the HEC MBA program. And, I wanted it to be different, telling a story of its own, of balancing life as a born-again student, a father, a husband, and an amateur property developer! Of course, my MBA journey may be different because I have corporate sponsorship and my wife works here but these only help to make my journey unique! So, here I am, fifteen months after starting this blog and almost a year after uprooting ourselves from England, posting my hundredth post! What are the golden rules of doing an MBA, you ask. Here are my ten golden tips!

1. Be open-minded - We all come to the program with our own pre-conceptions, opinions and ideas but the best way is to start with a blank slate and let the MBA experience fill it with all the great things one can learn.
2. Don't underestimate - Whether it be your work, or your classmates, never underestimate. Always assume that we all have unique qualities that make us special and respect that!
3. Participate - MBA is about learning by sharing so participate in class discussions and group activities. Don't just sit quietly when you have the chance to make a good contribution!
4. Personality vs Intellect - I have often wondered if we get so engrossed in performing well in exams that we forget to show our personality.
5. Listen - Something I personally need to work on but true also for a lot of other MBA students.
6. Hard work - There is no escaping from this one. Be prepared to work hard if you want your certificate gilded.
7. Mediocre But Arrogant - Please try not to fall in this category. Be prepared to eat humble pie once in a while, and be prepared to be surprised.
8. Plan - Plan and talk through things and anticipate changes so that you are ready to re/act. If you have a family, this is even more crucial.
9. Know your roots - As my teacher once said, fly as high as you can, but never let your feet off the ground!
10. Be positive - We all screw up at least once. The strength lies in being able to stand up and move forward graciously.

And, before you go, I have some good news. A new member of the family is going to join us in time for my graduation - a perfect graduation gift for me! :-) So, here we go, I have to work hard to ensure, come June 2008, I am not another Johnny Foreigner, PhD, MBA, father, husband, and unemployed! With that, I have told you a bit more about myself and, maybe, I will tell more if I reach my two hundredth post! Until then, keep reading and commenting; I have partly kept on blogging as I know a lot of you out there from various parts of the world visit my blog regularly. Merci beaucoup! :-)


  • I've read all 100 posts. Keep it up.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:44 pm  

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