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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thomson seminar on strategy consulting...

Since Monday, we have been split into groups of 10 or so and asked to look at the five-year strategy of Thomson S.A., an integrated technology company in the media and entertainment industry. We are 'training' to be consultants and provide 'free' consultancy to the CEO of the company who has been spearheading the spree of acquisitions made by the company over the last few years. He is coming to HEC in October but, today, we were picked as one of two 'winners' for our work and presented it to the class and a senior consultant from Mars & Co. He liked my group's pressie and so we are ready to present to the CEO and Chairman of Thomson S.A in the next few weeks. I don't think I will be a consultant but it was an enjoyable experience and j'aime le fact that we got to present! :-) I guess this is not a bad start to Personalised Phase I though it has made me stay at school much later than planned. Well, not a bad strategy to avoid rush hour!

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