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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Time to say goodbye to Anchorage...

Well, folks, my time here in Alaska is coming to an end and I fly back tomorrow. My fact-finding 'flying' visit has been quite intensive (but I am glad I did some sightseeing on Saturday!) and I am pleased with the results I have got. Having said that, I now have more questions than answers and, if some items which are brewing right now develop further, I may be back here for my IPP! Yeah, that's right, back here in the middle of winter embedded in snow and away from family for even longer periods of time! But, it will be a very good field experience with potentially a strong bias on commercial analysis. Well, whatever the case, I will cross the bridge when I get there. I fly back tomorrow night and should be back in London Friday night so I have got the weekend to recover. I went out this evening to shop at the Diamond Center, got a neat hair cut, and had a delicious big meal in a Vietnamese restaurant! I think I am ready to fly! :-) Au revoir mon amie et bonne nuit...

PS: Went out for dinner with a few others from my company last night and then went salmon spotting - you watch them swim in the river from a bridge, as easy as that! I think my son will love it! :-)



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