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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Integration Weekend

Last weekend, HEC organised various events to welcome the new intake from September 2007. This included a grand party on Friday in Paris and a trip to Deauville for the weekend. The party was grand, alright, but they also had VIP tables and cordonned off areas in the middle of the dance floor which made it a bit difficult for us, the free dancers! Not to be easily discouraged, we danced until early morning before strolling out into the brilliance of Paris by night meandering our way around Notre Dame. We also came across quite a few Irish rugby fans who were still drowning their sorrows having lost to France the evening before.

Saturday was spent tending to the aching muscles, recovering my lost voice and doing some slow painting. And, early on Sunday morning, I picked up four other friends and we drove all the way to Deauville to join the others for the evening and dinner. We didn't get back until 4:00 am on Monday morning so you can imagine how much I struggled sitting through my 8:00 am lecture!

The MBA is on track now...I thought my electives were well spread out for me to be not overburdened but how wrong I was! We have a zillion presentations to do, which are all graded, and case memos to hand in. And, before we know it, exams will be here in a couple of weeks!

Below is a picture of the evening at World Place in Paris...a party to welcome our new intake.

Below are pictures from the day trip to Normandy. Five of us drove for the day to join the rest for just the Sunday.



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