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Friday, April 04, 2008

Older and wiser...

The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything. - Oscar Wilde

I started this blog early on my big day but never got round to completing it so today, a Sunday, seems like a good day to finish it. A snow covered Sunday in southern England which, at 1:00am last night, was absolutely dry and sans snow.

A snowy start to the day as seen from my window!

Now, what have I been up to in the last week or two? Apart from realising that the MBA is coming to an end and we will eventually be saying our goodbyes soon? Some of us are better positioned than others to face a world that everyone estimates is heading to a partial recession, with significant job losses, but then, isn't it a cycle that we are all so familiar with? All I wish for is that everyone will be happy wherever they are and whatever they do.

Last week provided an opportunity to attend my PhD professor's retirement do, a black-tie affair at The Long Room, in one of cricket's holiest of holy grounds. It was good to see my old labmates, my former supervisors and friends with whom I had lost contact. However, I am not going to go into any more detail of the entertainment that followed dinner! ;-) A reunion party in London just ahead of a farewell party in Paris. The world does revolve!

I also went to the Career Fair that HEC had organised in London last Friday to get some names to contact in case I find myself in a limbo post-MBA. Following the fair, and the ensuing cocktail session, I and 16 other friends headed out to crawl London's China Town...eventually ending at the Imperial China restaurant to munch down a quickly thrown in course for a 'big' table. Not a bad night for a Birthday!

Wednesday, I am heading back to Paris for my last executive seminar on "Europe at Work". I am looking forward to the lectures and our own presentation topic; Is there a real alliance possible between the EU and Russia? I thought this would be an interesting topic considering Russia's rising influence and its push to nationalise everything strategic, especially oil & gas. I am also looking forward to a surprise, short get-away that my wife has planned for my Birthday.

If you are thinking mediterranean, you are way off target. This is Portishead, near Bristol in south-west England where I spent a weekend recently.


  • Hey, belated happy birthday. must have felt really great to be with friends on the big day..

    By Blogger Rahul, at 3:55 pm  

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