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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Time to change...

Between the last post and this one, so many things have happened! We were blessed with a beautiful daughter and so it is now time to change...change nappies! :-) Ever the curious and impatient one, a tad like her dad, she was born earlier than expected and we are so happy! I am also glad I saved my holidays for the end of my project and came home early or I could have missed the birth. Now, we have a boy and a wonderful! :-)

I have also been spending a lot of time with our son...he adores his little sister and is already the big brother, caring and looking after her. And, he seems extremely happy to see me everyday. The other day, while we were out walking, we went past my wife's office and, when asked, he easily pointed out the building where maman works. So, I asked him where I work and he said, "le train". My son thinks I work on a train as I take the train (to London) everytime I tell him I am going to work! Funny!

On the job front, I must say not much has happened as, as you can tell, I have had other priorities. I am still exploring and making contacts here and there but no significant push anywhere. Having said that, a couple of opportunities are brewing and time will tell if they work out. I am just happy to be home for now...catching up for the time I have been away and making up for potential days I may be away from home in the future. You never know what surprises are waiting to spring at you around the corner in this journey of life so might as well make the most of the present! BTW, it is pretty late now but I am on night duty! ;-)

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  • hey! great news. heartiest congratulations. she must be giving you sleepless nights now ;)
    Would love to catchup with you some time soon.

    By Blogger Rahul, at 6:25 am  

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